Monday, March 11, 2019

The Soul’s View Within the Body

The unity of the spirit with the soul brings us to the level where all within our view reflects the growth of what we are consciously aware of. Everything will become a message down to the way the wind blows upon your face. The dreams will become meaningful as you awaken with words and images that will seem so vivid you will know they are to be embraced so you can pull them into your reality. People, places and things will begin to bring inspirations that will make you want to shout from the roof tops, yet you will be unable to articulate what you are experiencing inside.

A shift will begin to occur within the mind and body as you look out into your world through eyes that seem to be encased within the shadows. It will almost seem as though there is a fiery overlay as you become aware that your conscious state of existence is separate from the mind and body. You will want to merge with this new awareness, yet you will almost feel like you are trapped at times as you experience a knowing that there is more outside of your current understanding. At times, you will hold a knowing as you hear the breath sounding like an echo as you look out from the fiery cave-like view where the soul sits inside the body. You will feel the surge as the soul paces back and forth as it waits for clarity inside this place you call the body. You know, yet you don’t know as the loneliness seeps into the thoughts because no one can understand what you feel as you struggle to describe it appropriately.

You will begin to feel a presence above the body and will wonder if it is what you are growing into as you observe yourself in daily tasks. How is it possible to watch yourself and see yourself within a cave-like view inside the body at the same time? As you try to keep the thoughts empty, you will become aware of the unity within all thoughts, then all information ever held within the planet. As you rise even higher, your consciousness will go into the universes that lead you all the way back to ONE. Your spark of creation will then be seen going back and forth from the unity of all, to the fiery cave-like view within the body where you sit within the illusion you call reality.

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