Thursday, May 1, 2014


How do you take this source that you have found inside and present it to the world?  How do you show others how to heal their mind?  How do you show the spirits how it is found?  The task will make you crazy as you wrap your thoughts around this time.  Everyone is watching to see what you will do.  Do you just ignore it and pretend that it’s not true?  Do you take the moment and wonder what to do? How do you take this source out into the world?  With each day you seek, it can be found.

This source that lies inside wants to heal your thoughts.  It wants to take your mind and show you how to heal.  It wants to show you that you are not alone.  It then becomes a choice of what you are to do.  You have a source inside that wants to show the world with you how desperation lead you this place.  Now you want to find a way to take these thoughts out into your day.  With each time you share a thought with another, you begin to see a change.  The truth begins to shine right into your mind.  The beauty of the truth brings you love inside.  With each time you give a thought to the God of your understanding, the magic will occur. 

Then the day will come to you when you will find, your thoughts have healed you inside.  You will then be able to feel the source that lies within your mind.  This source will bring you the sun that will shine inside.  How do you show the spirits how this makes you feel?  This source you hold as a secret will force you to decide.  Do you seek for more and learn what it can do?  All the spirits watch to see what you will do.

There will come a feeling that will turn into a thought. You have found the source that will whisper inside your head.  As you begin to listen to the words inside your mind, the battle for your thoughts begin to shine.  How do you tell the spirits what you want to do?  How do you find the words of what you hold inside?

You know the time is near when you will have a thought to pretend that it’s not there.  This thought will make you want to hide inside your mind.  The battle will then become a world that shows up in your day.  How do you hide the thought that maybe something’s there?  Is there such a thing that shows up in your view just as you have the thought within your mind?  You begin to notice that the only time this happens is when you’re full of love.

The love will bring a feeling that creeps into a thought and takes the two together to shine out through your eyes.  The spark than starts a flame that can touch into the sky.  This pull that is created then touches your heart.  You begin to want this feeling that has turned into a thought.  You cannot explain how it makes you feel inside.  The spirits watch with interest as your freewill has brought you to this moment right inside your mind. Some spirits want to feel your pain inside.  Some spirits sit in in delight with the love they find within your mind.  Do you dare to let them in?  Do you sit within the corner of your mind and hide the thought of love?

There will come a day if you listen to the love, that you will see it shine into the world.  The thought and feeling together shoot into the air.  It can take a moment to change the color of the day.  With the changing colors there will come a time when you will begin to notice that what you found inside has turned into a world right before your eyes. The love has turned your world upside down.

What you thought was love has now turned into sadness for who you no longer are.  Then the changes come with everyone around.  The love will shine the truth right inside your eyes.  You will find a world that now comes from your mind out into your reality.  The love has healed your thoughts that goes into your heart. 

The heart will take the love and share it through the blood.  Your body then begins to heal as your thoughts turn towards the feel of love and looks for more.  This source inside of you then is a love affair.  The magnitude of what it does will depend on you.  It will be seen in everything around if you take your view and look at it from above.  You become a piece that fits into the puzzle that connects to a world that brings you strength inside.  As it all builds to stir the source you hold, you will find the love that makes you want more.

As you look before you the time will come, when what you see becomes a different view.  You feel the angels watching as you decide of what to do.  As the gifts emerge right before your eyes, you feel the love inside that brought you to this time.  Nothing looks the same because you have change.  The thoughts have helped you see that things are not what they seem.  Do you just ignore that you know the spirits watch?

Some spirits want to feel your pain.  Some want to share your love.  As you seek for answers of what you are to do, the love will bring you knowledge as you seek for more.  With each thought of fear that enters in your mind, the love will be in the corner trying to shine.  The fear will try to take any thoughts of love and lock them in your mind.  Each time you take the love and let it shine inside, a change will come to you that cannot be explained. The love will bring a knowledge that tells you’re  not alone.  There is a source inside that can heal your mind.  Do you take the fear and lock it up inside?  Do you take the love and let it shine?


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