Friday, November 22, 2019

How the Soul Grows

The vibration of the soul brings forth the power from the spirit. This connection intertwines with the consciousness that integrates the mind and body. This combined power forms into the creation where you sit. The higher realms see the colors you make based upon the frequency you radiate into the Whole of All. Many are forming into the colors for expansion that reflects out into the Milky Way. It is an exciting time as all the universes watch this section of the galaxy create light rays that have never been seen before.

As your frequency rises, the refraction of light that illuminates your current body shifts into the higher fields of colors. It is like when you shine a flashlight into the darkness to show shadows that emerge within the light’s reflection. The objects that reflect the shadows are not the shadows, but merely the outline of the objects that are positioned somewhere else. Your body is the outline of your over-soul that shines from a higher position. You are the shadow of this creation. The over-soul cannot expand further without your growth. Your current density determines the rays of light the over-soul can reflect. As you consciously rise and form your frequency into the shapes needed for this growth, the over-soul can then expand into the higher realms to ultimately provide you with the knowledge for your further creation.

The knowledge is obtained through the rays of light that reflect within the darkness. Creation begins within this darkness as the light rays form through sound. Once the sound vibrates at specific frequencies, the light rays gather the knowledge needed for the expansion of creation. The over-soul needs you just like the flower needs water. It cannot grow without you. As the over-soul gathers further knowledge within the light rays, it must share this knowledge with the soul to continue the path towards the reunification with the Creator of All.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

All Souls Feel the Shift

The spirit is present like never before as the planet vibrates at some of the highest levels ever recorded. The normal rate that the planet resonates is at 7.83hz. This year it had readings as high as 150hz (Edward Morgan). One may feel it caressing the body upon awakening or when in a twilight sleep. The changes are more noticeable to those that are seeking. When looking at others, the soft whispers of their struggles, their hopes, their futures and their pasts are all wrapped up and made visible in that moment. All lives lived are bursting out into view as the veil melts away like the icicle in the morning sun. The hologram humans are living within is reflecting the light that holds all knowledge for this quickening that is shifting all forms inside. When darkness surrounds others, it is casting the shadows of the lower realms that they have not yet integrated into the present moment. All are feeling this shift, yet few are embracing or understanding what it means. All souls came for this experience yet have become comfortable with their current lives and have forgotten why they are here. As a result, traumatic events must occur to wake everyone from this dream state.

The other realms are reaching into this planet to help with the shift that is occurring. Many are hearing the whispers, feeling the frequencies rising, seeing the shadows and smelling the presence of these other realms. Few understand what is happening as those within the other realms try to communicate through all the senses in attempts to guide everyone through this transition. The human body is multi-dimensional and as it shifts into the higher realms, the mind is trying to grasp on to any logical explanations for experiences that are beyond understanding. Many are trying to pretend they do not hear the voices inside the thoughts, smell the smells coming from the other realms or see the sights that are reflecting other worlds. Those who are acknowledging the shift on the planet are finding the inability to keep up with the information that is seeping into the mind and body. There are no words for the experiences that are happening daily. How do you tell someone that you see their future, feel their physical pain, see those who have died or know things because you hear the information in whispers? All are having such experiences, and many are looking the other way in hopes they will not occur another day.

Some are seeing the energies that are bringing the current conscious state of existence onto this planet. These energies look like waves within the wind. Colors that have never been seen are now present. Some of these colors even radiate around the body. They are the reflection of what lies within. The power that makes these colors come from the soul that is ignited by the spirit. The spirit flows into the soul and, depending upon how much fear the soul is encased within, brings forth these colors that come from the emotions. The consciousness that is flowing through even the wind is carried by the spirit and those that receive this power are chosen by the over-soul. The over-soul gets orders from the Creator of All and carries them out in the name of creation. The colors that radiate from the body helps the Creator determine who is ready for more knowledge. Those who are chosen receive insights into the other realms for creation that they cannot know without the power of grace. The spirit brings forth the knowledge through grace. The over-soul channels the power based upon the experiences the individual souls seek for growth. It is like a web where all is connected, and each can access the information from every direction. The soul is connected through the center of the web. The amount of fear or love one holds in the emotions determine what type of information the mind and body can hold. The soul is like a seed that is planted in the ground. The spirit is like the effect water has on a seed; it nourishes the body and determines how much the soul will or will not grow.

This planet is now vibrating at a pace that is waking all souls. It is like a bear waking from a long winter’s nap. All souls are shifting like the change from winter into summer. It is a dramatic shift that is by passing spring and fall. It is not something that one can say, “there it is”. It is to be lived. All came for this experience. All souls feel the shift.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Whispers from the Spirit

Once one has balanced out the feelings and thoughts when discovering another world that cannot be seen, a new understanding slowly seeps into the consciousness. The stages of enlightenment come at different times for everyone, but everyone will experience each stage. The stage when the spirit begins to whisper guidance will come. During this stage, those within it will feel an empowerment growing like the flower in the shadows of a large tree. Everything you see, say and do becomes signs to guide you through the maze you feel you are in on the path to enlightenment. You begin to feel as though you are becoming conscious on a mass level and the old fears of thinking no one wants to hear what you have to say begins to dissolve like the icicle in the morning sun. You will begin to feel the responsibilities increasing and the whispers will be heard that you are given knowledge to share. You can hear the soft voice guiding you as you become more selective with the knowledge you share. Prior to this balance within your thoughts and emotions, you would tell everyone you met about this unseen world. In this stage, you learn that the spirit brings those to you that need the information and you begin to relax somewhat.
You still struggle with the body as the soul rejects the foods you still want, and you become sick when consuming foods that you have always eaten in the past that are no longer helpful for the growth of the soul. Prior to sharing what the spirit whispers, you can now control the need to say things that you know others within your presence are not ready to hear. You can see it in their eyes. You can hear the words, “Everyone has their own journey back to the Creator of All”. You are the action and wait for every instruction from your guides of what is next. The spiritual warfare is always in the back of your thoughts as you help those who fight within their own thoughts. You see so many struggling in the stage you once experienced, and you wish you knew how to articulate why they don’t have to suffer any longer. You feel like the mother trying to protect them from something you know everyone must go through. All you can say is that it must be experienced to know the difference. How can you know the love without knowing what it is not?
The spirit whispers through people, places and things to guide you along and when difficulties come your way, you now thank your God for the opportunity to gain more knowledge so your soul can continue to grow while in human form. Acceptance without approval is a challenge, yet you remind yourself that everything in your world reflects a part within yourself that is trying to work its way to the surface. The daily routine is now viewed to make the ordinary moments extraordinary. When waking to start the day, you can now see this as a gift. Some days you long to return to the way things use to be before you knew there was another world that cannot be seen. Then the spirit whispers to look towards the colors in the sky that you have never noticed before. You are forever changed as the awakening brings you a life that you could never have known without the spirit’s guidance and whispers.
The ordinary moments now become extraordinary as you anticipate the whispers from the spirit. One day the spirit may whisper through a conversation with another who provides answers they didn’t even know you needed. Other days the spirit may whisper through a message in a song. Some days the spirit may whisper through numbers on a clock as 11:11 shows up when you question your abilities. Some days the spirit may whisper through a dog that licks you on the face when you are sad. One day the spirit may whisper in the form of a phone call from someone you were thinking about right before they called you. Each day will bring the whispers from the spirit as you seek for more to be revealed.

Monday, September 23, 2019

How To Reach The Higher Realms

This information was written after trying to articulate what I have been experiencing the past few weeks. A new understanding has been slowly coming into words so I can share it with others. Sometimes it comes out in riddles and sometimes it comes out very complicated. A new form is evolving as I start to feel a balance inside. With one foot in the heavens and one foot on the ground, I try to bridge a gap between these worlds so I can help us all answer questions about the soul, the spirit, God, the higher realms and how we can find serenity in this chaotic world. I am confident that my higher power provides me with the information I receive to share. If you find it helpful, please subscribe to keep me motivated. Leave a comment so I can hear your thoughts on what I share. I can sense a higher level of understanding coming through me when my stomach starts doing flip flops. Sometimes I feel like I am going to float away unless I acknowledge the energy surge. This is what I experience …..

The feeling of radiating a specific frequency for the power of creation occurs as each bodily form becomes aware of the patterns experienced throughout the day. One may speak with different people that have the same characteristics, problems or even appearances that results in a Deja vu moment. The sensation of looking down on the body as these realizations occur brings an understanding that one stream of consciousness is being divided into many individual forms. It is like raindrops that fall from one big cloud. Each raindrop makes up a storm just as one consciousness makes up the bodies that the souls are housed in on the planet.

When one becomes aware of the consciousness on such a heightened level many opportunities for growth are presented. The more awareness one holds, the more power from this consciousness flows. The empowerment that comes, will awaken an internal strength that has been dormant for many lifetimes. The choices of which direction to stream this power will bring a passion that has never been felt. Caution is needed as this stage brings much responsibility. One is responsible for what one knows. With the realization that even religions and science are limited in what information they understand regarding the higher realms, a period of great unrest occurs.

Seeking outside of one’s comfort zone is the only way to ease the restlessness. Many concepts and theories will be found and the more one seeks, the more information presents itself for consideration. With an open and willing mind, nothing will be discarded in efforts to understand how to reach the higher realms. The information that seeps inside and rests in the stomach to give the mind peace will need to be studied closely.

The soul awakens during this stage of seeking and will assist in raising the frequency of the mind and body for the union into the higher realms. Experiences will become tests and daily routines will start to provide clues. Signs, animals, smells, plants, words, music, emotions and even illnesses are ways in which one will be guided into this union. People, places and things seen and felt everyday will begin to be questioned and perceived differently as the soul, the mind, the body and the spirit intertwine. There will come a time when one will look out from the eyes and into another to find that the body is just a disguise for who they really are inside. A sadness may come when seeing into the eyes of others if their soul is bound by all the illusions they have created for themselves. The struggle for discernment becomes more difficult as judgments get in the way that block the sunlight of the spirit.

To be open and willing for change in all facets of life is the key to staying humble so the higher realms can come to you to provide knowledge for growth. Each experience throughout the day leads the mind and body into the higher realms. How you ask? With each negative thought that enters the mind, you will need to arm yourself with the sword of honesty and the shield of hope and faith. As the negative thoughts play on your fears, you must say, “That is a lie”.  Look into your eyes and say it to yourself, “I choose love today” and hold the faith in this choice. Look towards the higher realms for guidance and know that you are in this body for a reason. Feel the protection that the higher realms provide as you cut through the illusions with your sword of honesty. You are never alone and as you allow the spirit to work though you, the soul will stir like the bear that is waking from a long winter’s nap. The more you seek, the more you will find. The more you find, the hungrier the soul will become. In each experience that you live with honesty, the more the soul will bring into your daily life. The spirit feeds the soul like the water feeds the flower. The more of the spirit you receive, the more lives lived awaken into who you are within the soul. All experiences within all timelines will begin to merge into NOW and will integrate into your conscious state of existence.   You may even begin to feel like split personalities at times as each life lived comes forth to claim the strength that it contributed into the person you are today. The soul will pull the spirit into the frequency level you vibrate within like a magnet. The higher you vibrate, the more you will remember and the realms that have seemed out of reach will begin to be experienced right within the view. As the timelines merge, past and future lives will be seen, and all memories will become ONE. The higher realms will then be seen as a part of YOU.