Saturday, September 5, 2020

The Revelation is Here

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The body reflects the spirit that lies inside. If there is no soul, the eyes will have a blankness. If there is a dark spirit that shines through, the face will look cold, the eyes will have a piercing stare, the mouth will be stern with a fake smile. As this timeline continues to blend within the other side of the veil, everything will get jumbled and forgetfulness will be common. You will see how the body looks as though it is fading into the darkness when the spirit is leaving the body.

The spirit is the power from the Source of All. Each strand of consciousness holds a frequency level that connects to each soul that is on the same vibration. When a soul comes into a body, the power from spirit will activate the soul to give the body life. The core of sound holds the ONE truth for all souls to know. All the outer strands are the way to get to the core. As the soul receives information from the strands of consciousness it resonates with, it is the responsibility of the soul to seek for the core of the ONE truth.

Many shut the soul off from learning the ONE truth as they remain in the belief system they are born into during their time in physical form. All universes look towards the human body for the way back to the Source of All. The human body is made in the image of the Creator and holds the library of all knowledge. The ability to be the vessel for the Creator of All is given to the human soul. The key is to stay open minded and willing to learn so spirit can bring forth the never-ending power from the Creator for growth.

The fear that has been programmed into the thoughts is suffocating the soul and many are losing the power from spirit for the activation needed to grow in the human body. The human soul is restless and feels a shift inside that is bringing the consciousness to a pause so the body can catch up with this power. Other strands from the Source of All touch the human soul for this activation as Mother Earth births the new timeline within this section of the universe.

The dark forces will begin to be a motivator in this pause, so the soul understands the body is the vessel and must be the action. Once activation occurs, the body will experience a noticeable shift for all to see. The dark forces see it across the world and know their time is short. All are seeing the revelation and are starting to stand up against the fear. It is like being in the eye of a hurricane as you sit in the pause moment. You know the chaos surrounds you as you wait to pick up the debris once all are activated to take the stand.

Do not live in the fear that is being projected around you. Take this as an opportunity to move through these experiences to find your purpose for the change that is here. You are here for evolution and all the energies are forming around you and within you for this transition into the new world; into the new you. Let the spirit flow through you for the knowledge that will activate what you already know. Use the tools that are being provided to open the channels for communication with the higher realms.

The more you practice connecting with the higher realms, the stronger this connection will become. As in any relationship, you will need to talk to spirit and then listen. The higher realms watch you grow through your colors and patiently wait for the day when you can understand your true form. You think you know your reality by what you see. The forms change based upon what you believe. When you look towards the sky, look closely within the light and you will see the crystals of consciousness waiting to form into that which you desire based upon your intentions.

The roller coaster of emotions continues as the higher frequencies move through the planet. The attempts to assist you during this transition is met by the negative energies as expected. As you try to make sense of what is happening on your planet, it is important to keep faith at the forefront and know you are protected. Staying connected to the higher realms through your faith will keep your frequency levels high enough that you will be able to hear the whispers and feel the presence. Doubts and worries will lower your ability to hear or feel spirit.

The higher you vibrate, the more you will experience. Your thoughts and emotions determine your frequency level. When you cannot hear or feel the higher realms, speak out loud to break the frequency level through sound. The level of your words is based upon your intentions and your beliefs. The uncertainty comes when you project into what may occur. Stay connected and keep faith that everything is happening as planned. The revelation is here!


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