Saturday, March 9, 2019

The Benevolent Speak About Death, the Body, the Knowing

2/23/19: Many are not staying for the upcoming changes. It will seem as though they are suffering a futile death. On a higher level, they only wanted to experience what time they were here. If it was by suicide, they will be back. If it was by murder, it may be to fulfill their karmic debt. The harmonic flow is in perfect order as all return to perfection then out into the vastness for creation again and again. No death is meaningless as the circle of life continues forever more. All experiences are for the soul that returns to the God Head. The reflections of learning can be seen in your view. Is there freedom? Is there sorrow? Is there suffering? What do you hear? What do you smell? All the senses bring you the awareness of soul growth. What deaths impact your current state of awareness? What you see is the reflection of what lies inside.

3/1/19: The body is being activated for the awakening of the soul. As the feeling of urgency subsides, the feeling of a soft sigh will help you understand that you are right where you are supposed to be. You may feel overly tired and want to sleep more than usual. You may become physically sick from food that you normally eat. The body changes are the product of what you have been give by the spirit. The spirit changes the body as it turns on all the dark rooms within the DNA. All lifetimes will begin to awaken, and the body will go from sickness to strength within hours as everything turns on. All memories will flood to the forefront and you will feel as though you are pouring so much information into your consciousness that you cannot keep up. Then you will become so tired that you will sleep the entire day and into the night.

3/6/19: The more information you try to cipher through to find what resonates inside of you, the more you will have to go within so you can find the knowing that is in the pit of your stomach. There will be no confusion within the knowing. Listen to the heart and you will know how to let the spirit flow. Keep the thoughts within the moment and all will be revealed. It can happen within a blink of an eye. You won’t even have to try.

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