Sunday, December 3, 2017

A Bolt of Lightening

This time period has been filled with fear as love sits patiently in the corner and seeps through with each thought it can hold on to. With these forces brings power that will begin to hit you like a bolt of lightning. When you experience the first surge from either source, you will experience what some of you call Grace or anguish. The Grace will hold a feeling of love like you have never known before. The anguish will make you feel like you are in a black hole with no light in sight. The Grace comes through the anguish for the first feeling of love during this time period. Many prophets have written and discussed such a time. There is no specific date that you will experience these emotions that come as lightning bolts. Some of you think that not everyone will need anguish to find Grace. Some of you say there are no such forces at all. It is a process that all of the universe goes through to become conscious of Something Greater. It is a mixture that is made from the universal laws of creation.

Energy will become stronger inside of you, not through the material world; you live it. It becomes stronger inside your essence. Your thoughts are blending into the components you are made of to bring out into physical form. When you feel this mixture stronger than you feel your physical body, you will awaken. Because your planet is in the age of desperation, the force of anguish has blended into your essence and has left little room for love. Without the emptiness that the anguish brings, you cannot find the love. Love cannot seep through thoughts of anger, hatred or rage. It seeps through desperation that is felt through anguish. Some of you are here with a mixture of more love because you have already blended the anguish with the love. Some of you are just finding the anguish so you can empty all you hold in your essence for enlightenment. All go back and forth within themselves until they find the proper combination for spiritual growth.

A.     Karma 

It does matter what events brought you to the current mixture as these define you. It starts within your current level of consciousness. Those of you that take the experiences that lead you to the anguish and replay them over and over are still mixing all the components in search of enlightenment. You are looking for something that can only be found in who you are at this moment. All your past fills you within this very day. The mixture you currently hold is because of your past. This mixture will sit at the bottom of your life force and if new thoughts are not mixed into the foundation for opportunities to learn from the regrets, they will build into the darkness that will cover your life.

With each life you live, you hold the essence from all lifetimes in attempts to find enlightenment in this life. Some of you call it karma when your past comes back to you through more anguish unless you release the bond to those events. As your veil is lifted, you will see how the foundation you hold inside comes from all your lifetimes. All the anger and rage comes from your planets history combined inside of you. How could this be you ask? All the essence of who you are goes back to the start and if you take each piece of what makes you who you are, it will lead all the way back to the Garden of Eden. You have taken the events that occurred in the beginning to complete the cycle of despair. The vastness of your desperation has filled the universe and the planets are aligning for the spirit of change. As you reach the desperation, all time will cease and you will question your existence. The lightning bolt for change will occur. The energy source you choose will be a conscious choice that you have never known before. All will experience this level as the waves of energy mix inside of you to bring you more of what you consciously seek. If you do not allow any new thoughts inside for the spirit you call Holy to enter, the spirit of anguish will consume you with thoughts to even harm yourself or others.

Your children are overwhelmed with these feelings as the force that sits in your gravity feeds off the innocent. The message of violence brings forth the thoughts that cause destruction on your planet. You keep this source alive in your media and in your homes. Your children see much anguish when they look at your world. Those who keep their children protected and do not prepare them for the boundaries that need to be in place will see the inability to cope as their veil is lifted.

All events are relevant and all must make the choice as the sources that brings you love and fear fight for the very essence of who you are. You will become consciously aware as your thoughts of who you thought you were fade away. It can happen through either energy source that will come to you like a bolt of lightning or it can become a slow process.

For the Son of Man in his day will be like the lightning, which flashes and lights up the sky from one end to the other. But first he must suffer many things and be rejected by this generation.” Luke 17:24-25

The key is to know that you are already a part of this Greatness and when thoughts enter that make you question if there is Something Greater, that is the day you will have found the hope that comes from the thought that you are a part of this Source. Just as you need your heart to live, you are vital to the universe. Though you may be small, you are vital to creation.

The understanding of growth into the spirit cannot be articulated just as the flower grows into full bloom. “The Kingdom of God is in your midst.” Luke 17:21

It is not seen but felt. It is with a touch that comes from inside yourself. Grace reaches in and lights your flame of life for creation in this dimension. Those that do not understand are mixing their essence subconsciously for the day when they will combine with creation or self-destruction. The universe aligns for this time and the Creator awakens inside of you for enlightenment throughout eternity. The flow of change has been building inside of you for the God of your understanding to live inside of you since the beginning. You are here to bring this force out into this dimension for further creation.

B.      Vengeance

The vengeance of love will be watching through the principles as they see your virtues and know what morals you hold. As you gain awareness that this unseen world exists, you can never go back to the way you were before this knowledge. It will be in your essence that you will then have to consciously decide if you choose to take this responsibility or if you let it pass by as you sit in the darkness with these thoughts that now have turned into knowledge. The awakening is occurring and the choices will be many. This stage of development will bring you to a crossroad within your mind. Do you go forward with the information of a new world that has been talked about all throughout history and give your interpretation of what it means to you or do you turn it into insanity as you spiral down into the darkness of your mind?

You chose this time period to project what energy you hold to further creation. It is the natural order of creation to have destruction always on the outer edges. Just as the universe expands into the darkness, so do you.

C.      Gratitude and Resistance

The expansion of awareness comes through the feeling of gratitude. The natural order of any emotions flow within the same way that all energy flows. The feeling of gratitude expands into love as the love turns into despair when the feeling leaves you. As you become more conscious of these emotions, the waves of energy will be felt as you learn to not resist any feelings that come. Resistance follows the universal law of more force within such a reaction. As you feel these emotions consciously fighting for your attention, you must break them down into two categories. The resistance will come as protection when the feeling of uncertainty occurs. If you identify with why you are resisting the experiences that events present to you at any given time, you will find the uncertainty will bring the need for decisions. Because your planet is covered in fear-based thoughts that have carried over since your beginning, the natural response to most events that bring you uncertainty will be filled with fear-based thoughts.

When you become conscious of this type of response you will be seeing these emotions from a different perspective. You will begin to see the greater good of what is happening in this life. You will move your thoughts above the negative level and you will crawl up into the loving thoughts called gratitude. Even if you have physical pain or physical ailments, you will see that you have brought your level of consciousness closer to a relationship with the God of your understanding. How can such pain bring you closer to your Creator you ask? As you go through spiritual growth, all your affairs will become a part of the mixture that builds into the strength needed for courage to continue searching for a glimmer of this unseen world. If you are seeking for this world, that is the first sign of change.

This world only calls to those who are ready and if you are reading this, you are “waking up” to the awareness that all the universe rejoices to be a part of this time so all can live together as ONE. Your days in the first stage of awareness will bring much resistance as you fight within your thoughts that hold this unseen world.

Some of you are surrounded by many material things and see your success in this world by what you own. The echo will be heard in your thoughts as you question, “So what is next?” You will find that as your planet moves through what you call the Milky Way, your thoughts will expand into the awareness that there is Something Greater that comes to even you in attempts to create in your little world. With each piece that you put together within yourself as you fuse it all together, the result will ever evolve into the vastness of the universe. This body will then be viewed as a product of what you hold inside just as the snake sheds his skin.

D.     Gravity

Everyone comes into this dimension to bring more of this unseen world out into a conscious state of existence. The resistance comes because of your gravity that holds all of your fears. This source of power is conscious of your thoughts and feeds off of the individual streams within your mind. It grows stronger as your world collides with the unseen world. The end result will be like none before on your planet, yet these laws play out in all creation. The ever- ending flow of the darkness that creates because of the light will play out inside your thoughts. It is the natural order of creation and as you become conscious of your fears that go back to the beginning, the battle brings you choices. The first reaction will be to resist such thoughts as you become fearful of being without this body to find such a world that lies only in your mind. You will question if it is possible to bring such a world out into your life.




The Principles and the Source of All Creation

Above the knowledge lies the laws that are called the Principles. These laws are carried out by entities that some of you call angels. The Principles are at war and this war trails all the way back to the beginning of your creation in the Garden of Eden. The Creator placed the laws in your life to ensure freewill. If you decide to go against these laws, there are consequences. The times you think you are being tested are the times the Principles are at work to help you identify what your true intentions are in your experiences during your time in this dimension. During this stage of development, traumatic events may occur as the Principles work to keep you on the path of your purpose in this time period. The Principles look at your intentions and compare them to your actions. If your intentions are different from your actions, confusion occurs. This is the beginning of change as you begin to realize that all that has occurred for you is necessary so you can go back to the beginning of fear to compare it with the knowledge you now hold. With each time you gain more understanding of the differences, you become more responsible with the awareness you hold. The Principles are watching to ensure that you hold the proper intentions.  The Principles are from a higher energy source that permeate into your thoughts. They give you thoughts that are from even higher realms and are more powerful than the spirit that sits between your thoughts and emotions.

When you discover the Principles and begin to visualize them as entities, events will change with the awareness that they exist. You will become responsible for this information as well. This is when you know you are chosen for this task as you search inside to remember where you came from before you had this knowledge. You are forever changed and during this stage, you are not sure what that means to you. You are now looking from a different paradigm and you are unsure of how to focus as you push your thoughts forward towards the God of your understanding. The Principles have their own separate source of power and they can impact one or all of the activating components that you hold. They give you knowledge.

Above the Principles lies the Source of All Creation. This source has the power to control even the Principles. The laws and time are irrelevant at this level and rules are not needed. All other levels have the universal laws. This level of awareness is the law and it can change the course of action instantly. This level is creation. Just as your words vibrate into the air for action, your Creator does the same.

Depending upon which level of awareness you are currently in, like energy will attract to you. Depending upon your virtues (or course of action), the Principles will respond. When you reach within the core of your soul, you will find the part of you that connects directly with the Source of All Creation. You will feel as though you have been hit with a bolt of lightning when you connect with this Source and all time will cease.  Some of you call this feeling the Holy Spirit that brings you a flow of energy called Grace. The soul is felt in desperation and humility. If you keep these two components activated, you keep a direct flow of energy coming to you from the Creator of All.

The key is to not suffer with your thoughts that lie beneath the Principles. As you reach the soul through the connection to your heart, all becomes affected by the way you respond to this process. Your desperation and humility can be full of love or fear. You have control as to which way you want to interpret your experiences to get either a fear-based result or a love-based result. It is your responsibility to keep the body fit and healthy while you go through this growing stage. The body was made as a vessel for the spirit. As we wake up to this knowledge one person at a time, you will see the greater good of what you are and why you are here. You carry your memories which make up your current life.




Testimonies of books, videos and blog:

---“In The Mind of Something Greater” is more than a catchy title or a great book… it is a power plant of love and a true source of inspiration and awareness. It is a great tool to acquire spiritual, mental and physical fitness as long as the reader is willing to raise the bar and accept that we no longer can do this that we call lie without living in the mind of something greater. – Jose A. Colindres, MD


---I am a product of a dysfunctional family. When I started the 12 step program, Adult Children of Alcoholics meetings, I found that the higher power is the foundation of the program. It was difficult for me to understand, which made it hard to implement into my life. I went to multiple sources to gain insight. Lisa’s book made it easy for me to understand the meaning and how to use my higher power in my thoughts throughout the day. Thank you Lisa for taking the time to write about this subject, you have made a big difference in my life.  –Sherry K.


---Lisa’s positivity and affirmations are so on point for my journey in life! –Harolyn Farber


---Lisa’s reflections help me to start my day in a positive light. I also thoroughly enjoy her YouTube mediations. Her voice is so soothing and her message is always just what I need to hear! Having her as part of my spiritual journey has been a blessing. –Stacy Einhorn


--Lisa Hynes’ writings captivates my consciousness not only in my mind, her writings reach into my soul. She helps me get connected with the inner God. I am honored to have the opportunity to experience the spiritual connection through her writings. There are not too many writers who can capture my attention from the beginning to the end. Lisa is indeed a very special kind of writer who is not only talented, she is full of purity. I truly believe that God speaks through her writings. Thank you for such wonderful experiences Lisa.  –Amy Krick


---Lisa encourages her reader to improve themselves to the best of their ability by gently guiding and teaching them to reach new heights. –Leon Struck


---Lisa’s book teaches one how to heal from the inside out. This work is divinely written and is a must-read for those seeking spiritual growth. –Julie Saginor


---Lisa is an angel on earth. When I was first diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, Lisa took the time to share her story, perspective and encouragement. With her daily messages, she helped guide me to find my inspiration in my most challenging times. I was able to refocus my energy into bettering my recovery. –Georgia Clancy RN, MSN, MBA



Saturday, September 9, 2017

The Voice of God

You will begin to have conversations with a thought that lies above your own when you connect to the God of your understanding. It will be soft and loving. You will know it is not your own thoughts as it gives you information that you cannot know. These thoughts will connect with the wind, the leaves, the clouds and even the birds that will appear. During the beginning stages, you will think that the bird appears as a coincidence. With each time you connect to the God of your understanding and hear the thoughts that give you knowledge, you will notice a connection in the world around you, Everything around you will have a glow and you may even see sparkles of light when your God speaks to you. The spirit will cover your body and you will only feel love. Even if your body hurts or is sick, when your Creator enters your thoughts, you will feel you have been healed from all ailments.

The voice of God will be different for each of you but all will feel the love that heals any thoughts of anguish, fear of sickness you hold. When God comes to you, the feeling of being part of the air around you will occur. The thoughts that come from the voice of God will give you instructions of what you are to do for the betterment of yourself and for the world around you. Some tasks will make you question your sanity as you are told to do or say things that are out of your comfort zone. When you question such thoughts, you will receive messages through the world around you that will assure you of what you are told to do.

Some days upon awakening, you will hear the voice of God telling you to do something that you may be in fear that others will think you have went insane. If you allow such thoughts to overtake you, a feeling of despair will occur until you surrender to what task your God has given you to do next. When you obey the voice of God, you will begin to heal all your wounds physically, emotionally and mentally. Overtime, you will become a different person. The veil will begin to life from your soul and you will be changed forever more.

There will come a day when you will not question the tasks assigned to you and you will wake with only your God. You will do whatever is told of you to do for that day. Each day will then be filled with the mission to serve your God in any way that God wants and the voice will become your own.

Monday, August 21, 2017

On the Tips of God’s Fingers

Thoughts on the Day of the Solar Eclipse

The sun of power mixed with the moon of emotions. It is radiating vast knowledge for those who can hold it in their conscious minds. I am constantly seeking for this knowledge to better myself and ultimately humanity. So many are lost in the sea of emotions and I strive to rise above this ocean to observe the beauty of this day. I reach for my God in all this confusion as I feel as though I am on the tips of God’s fingers that are forgotten until there is a cut. To observe, yet be entrenched in all that the human body represents, brings mixed emotions. Just as the moon brings forth all thoughts and feelings, my relationship with my God brings many responsibilities.

All the world stops for this day and questions their true existence. Are we just a random creation that has evolved into our current form? Is there a Creator behind our evolution that sits and watches as we kill ourselves and others? When does freewill become an evil that brings attention from our God to stop all this insanity? What happens if God decides to stand in the way of our freewill? Do we stand up against the wrongs committed in unity or do we say that the abused, the hungry and the homeless are not seen during our day so they must not be true? Does one person make a ripple effect in the masses to bring a tidal wave that all will have to become involved in?

The effect of this day will bring forth a tidal wave like no other in all our history. The moon and sun together mix into the light of truth as the emotions can no longer hide in the darkness. Some will not be capable of facing their truth and some will stand behind the darkness of their emotions as the light pours into them for change.  

Freewill determines the path of all that lies in each person’s intensions. This is the beginning of the new world inside. Not even the smallest can hide. Look towards where the intensions lie. All have a purpose as all chose this day. Do you look the other way? Your Creator calls to you as the moon covers the sun in attempts to speak what all have done. As the darkness covers the light, look inside to find your answers with the power from your God. The thoughts inside will fight for your attention; what is your intensions? Let this day mix into your soul. Bring your purpose out into the whole. Be the light no matter what others have been told.

I am the extension of my God in human form. I was a part of my God before I was born. I search for what my God wants me to do. I look at the sun and the moon as messages for my purpose inside. Am I the cut that God wants to hide? Does my God bleed when I am in need? I am the tips of my God’s finders in human form….