Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Heartbeat

This is something I wrote as I pondered how the earth fits into our spiritual growth. As my awareness grows I find myself looking out into the universe for more information

The Sights & Wonders

I am lead to write about the upcoming changes we are all experiencing and will experience as the world behind the veil starts revealing who we really are..

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

A paragraph of chapter 1-The Purpose

You will be given the knowledge of your mission when you are consciously ready. You will be given your responsibilities as the masses prepare for this battle which starts inside of you. People will be placed in your path for clues as to what you are to prepare for next. The unseen world will begin to touch the corners of your mind and you will begin to see sights before you that no one else will see. You will begin to recognize this world within the shadows of the light and all will begin to sparkle in the corners of you eye-sight. A feeling will come over you that a presence is above the room and all the sounds will become faint. The more you allow the thoughts that something is there, the more you will see. The feeling of peace will consume you as you begin to realize this world is speaking to you alone.

A Message for the Awakening

The videos have been my biggest struggle and very difficult for me to do. I have arguments with myself as I hear my God telling me to take what I write and speak the words. This video is different from anything I have ever done. I channeled the words and spoke what my God told me to say. It speaks of a separation that has been written about throughout history. I am given visions of how the earth will separate and see it occurring even in the flower that glows in such a way that others cannot see. This video speaks for it's self.

The Preface


My journey into the spiritual realm brings me to an understanding of the soul that I would never have been able to comprehend without facing all the pain from my past. As I wrote this book, I struggled with the words and delayed the publishing for several months as I tried to let the information mix into my own concepts of what God means to me. The process forced me to face my own fears as I learned that my God is not a part of fear. I had to heal from a traumatic past to truly understand what information my God was giving me. I receive guidance from a loving God through visions, smells, sounds and touch. I have obtained knowledge that I am now responsible for and I cannot afford to have any resentments that are fear based in my thoughts when receiving information. It was not an easy process when facing these fears but the freedom from them have released a whole new level of understanding. I eagerly share this book and the process I went through to understand what the soul is and how to have a relationship with my God. I use the information in this book to maintain a connection every day.

To clarify for those who have questioned, when the reference to “Something Greater” is used, it gives a name to a source that is called by many names but still holds the same symbolism. The intention is to take the name, “Something Greater” and use it to visualize whatever your higher power means to you.

This book can be viewed as a manual for those seeking a connection with a higher power. If used properly, it is my belief, that you can heal yourself through the 10 components that are identified and placed into several diagrams throughout the book which describe the soul’s process towards enlightenment in picture formats. The diagrams would flood my thoughts and I could not draw them fast enough. As I wrote, the pictures would just appear on the paper and I would look in disbelief at what I drew. At one point, as I wrote, I had a vision of the words already typed into a book. The more I write, the better I feel. I read the words written and I look in awe as I continue to seek every day for a stronger relationship with the God of my understanding.

 It was difficult to put my visions on paper. The diagrams were not easy to make as I had no knowledge of how to draw on a computer. I tried to ensure that once I picked a symbol out for something that it remained symbolic for that description only. I found it interesting that my symbols have been compared to some very old symbols throughout history when describing the spirit world. I let my God tell me what is appropriate to use and the diagrams are a result of channeling the information only. The feeling of total love dwells in me when writing and some days the information flows through me so strongly, I have to put it into a video format because the urgency to share with others overwhelms me.

The first day I heard the voice speak to me was a life altering event. I was told that I would be given words to write that have never been written before. Little did I know that I would find not only words, but a view into a world that I continue to seek answers from every day. For those skeptics out there who do not believe in the world I write about, all I can say is that I have been healed by the belief that this world is real. My lupus is in remission and physicians involved in my care say it is a result from the chemotherapy I took when I went through treatment for cancer. I know this treatment could not have healed me in an instant, but that is what happened to me. Those who watched the change in me would ask what I was doing since I looked better than they have ever seen me look. My answer to them was and still is:

“I found God” or “God found me”

I have learned that the soul is ever evolving and with each life I live, I carry more knowledge subconsciously through my soul that learns in this dimension through the body. The knowledge gradually seeps into my current state of consciousness as long as I stay in the moment. I believe we are in a very exciting time period where freewill is giving us an opportunity to bring the spirit into this dimension like never before. The possibilities are endless and with our current conscious state of existence, in combination with the mind, the body and the spirit, we have the ability to create our own reality if we believe in this power.

This book breaks down the principles that form our current reality. I experience this process on a daily basis and can testify to the results one can obtain if used properly. I attempt to reach as many people as possible to share what I have learned and help those who may be stuck in dark thoughts where I once lived. I use to hate to wake up in the morning and went through a period in my life when I wanted to end the misery of living.

For today, I view my mind and body as an instrument that my creator uses to further creation in this dimension. The Source of All Knowledge comes to me through the spirit to provide the soul with food to evolve even further. The ultimate goal is to create for the greater good of all to shine the light for change into the darkness of this land called earth. I can now see how my God has taken a broken and miserable person and created a new mind and a new body. The spirit comes to fill my tired soul with light, love and healing for all to share. I believe that it was meant to be this way as my God holds a bigger plan. Some days I chose sat in the darkness so I could learn to appreciate when the light was shining. How can I know God without knowing what God is not?