Saturday, September 9, 2017

The Voice of God

You will begin to have conversations with a thought that lies above your own when you connect to the God of your understanding. It will be soft and loving. You will know it is not your own thoughts as it gives you information that you cannot know. These thoughts will connect with the wind, the leaves, the clouds and even the birds that will appear. During the beginning stages, you will think that the bird appears as a coincidence. With each time you connect to the God of your understanding and hear the thoughts that give you knowledge, you will notice a connection in the world around you, Everything around you will have a glow and you may even see sparkles of light when your God speaks to you. The spirit will cover your body and you will only feel love. Even if your body hurts or is sick, when your Creator enters your thoughts, you will feel you have been healed from all ailments.

The voice of God will be different for each of you but all will feel the love that heals any thoughts of anguish, fear of sickness you hold. When God comes to you, the feeling of being part of the air around you will occur. The thoughts that come from the voice of God will give you instructions of what you are to do for the betterment of yourself and for the world around you. Some tasks will make you question your sanity as you are told to do or say things that are out of your comfort zone. When you question such thoughts, you will receive messages through the world around you that will assure you of what you are told to do.

Some days upon awakening, you will hear the voice of God telling you to do something that you may be in fear that others will think you have went insane. If you allow such thoughts to overtake you, a feeling of despair will occur until you surrender to what task your God has given you to do next. When you obey the voice of God, you will begin to heal all your wounds physically, emotionally and mentally. Overtime, you will become a different person. The veil will begin to life from your soul and you will be changed forever more.

There will come a day when you will not question the tasks assigned to you and you will wake with only your God. You will do whatever is told of you to do for that day. Each day will then be filled with the mission to serve your God in any way that God wants and the voice will become your own.

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