Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Voice of Love

*** I took the week off from work to get the book to the publisher by Friday. I have been up late every night and work throughout the day to ensure I have everything in it that I want without making it too big! I am stopping at 66 chapters <sigh>. Most are small chapters like in my first book. Everyone preferred the small chapters since the information is so deep. It takes a bit to digest even for me at times. I am sharing something that I was inspired to write for someone who is faithful to my FaceBook page. She was discouraged with life and had lots of questions full of fear. This is what I wrote to her and put it into a video in attempts to ensure she received the message accurately:

Chapter 62

The Voice of Love

YouTube Video:

You did not know that this time would be so difficult when you decided to come into this body to shine the hope for Something Greater. The questions of how do you shine what love you hold into a world full of darkness causes you much sorrow. The wars, the murders, the suicides and even the abuse give way to the feeling of defeat. The time is here for those full of the light from a world that is from the Creator of All to go within the heart and mind to find the strength inside. The time is now to take the action in your thoughts. Leave the questions for another day. The voice is strong as you listen inside to the world behind the veil. You will not find the peace inside within the world you see. The hope will shine from within for all that you can be.

Each time you listen to the world inside and do what you are told, only look for the voice of love that gives you inspirations to hold. As you take the action in thoughts that come from a world full of love, all the hope will shine in the view that reflects from the spirit world. Each time you listen to the voice of love, more will be revealed. The hope for change in this dark land will lead into the faith for more. Your foundation inside this faith will center in the beliefs you have. All will change in what you have thought as you find the voice of love.

You may find that all you have been told is not what feels right inside. It may become a struggle for you as your beliefs begin to change. Some may find that all they thought they knew of why they are in this dark land is not what comes from the voice of love. Some may find that all they knew needs to be tossed aside. The pride will have to be the first to go as humility fills the thoughts. You are nothing without the thoughts that come from Something Greater than you. 

You are here to connect the world behind the veil with the body you are in. The spirt will move inside of you and tell you what to do. Listen closely as you hear the heartbeat. Listen to the sounds inside and do what you are told. The voice of love will only give you hope for Something Greater. The voice of love will blend inside the beliefs for something more. All have a purpose in the body as the spirt begins to shine. All have a purpose as the spirit sounds inside each thought you have. The messages will become the way to take action in your mind. The sounds will tell you what to do as the love being to shine.

The planets are aligned for you as the veil begins to lift. You will begin to see the wonders right where you sit. Reach inside the heart and mind and let the spirit guide you. Listen to the voice of love and be the action for change. The darkness in this land needs you to lead the way for Something Greater. It starts inside the belief that comes from the voice of love.

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