Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The View Within the Light

The Flow of Change

**Chapter 31 

As you become more aware of this unseen world, you will realize that you are vital to the universe. You may be a hand or a smile on some days as you allow the spirit to flow through you. Just as your blood flows through your veins, so does the spirit through you and out into your world. Your heart makes it possible for you to live in this dimension. The spirit gives the heart the nourishment to live another day. If you do not allow the spirit to flow through you for nourishment, your heart will become weak until it withers like the flower with no water.

The spirit nourishes you through what some of you call Grace. It comes to you through what you call the Holy Spirit. You will know if the Holy Spirit comes to you as your entire body will respond. The body is the universe and you are a vital organ. If you do not allow the spirit to flow through you, gradually a separation will occur. Time is irrelevant in this process as you form into your current image that is based upon your thoughts. The more negative your thoughts are, your physical appearance will respond. The force of evil will make those of you who are full of anger, rage, jealousy and hate think that you hold all power and that you are invincible. You may have the physical appearance of pure beauty until the day this force has used you for the ultimate goal of destruction. As the darkness emerges into this dimension, the physical forms of all that hold this force of evil will change into their group for the final battle between the darkness and the light. As those who hold the light look upon those who hold the darkness, their physical forms may look like beauty until the light reflects upon the darkness that will show their true forms. Those who hold the light will see the demonic forces that embody the dark forms that stand before them. It will become evident within all in the final days that are coming.

This will be a glorious day as you allow the spirit to flow through you. The air will respond like the water that flows through a stream. The Source of All Knowing will come like a dam that bursts inside of you and as you surrender to this feeling your body will respond because the flow of change has come to you and you are forever changed. Those who are not ready for these words will eventually separate from those who allow the spirit to use them as a tool. You will only be looking at yourself as you see the chaos within your planet causing many deaths.

There is no other person or thing that can replace the space that you hold. Your body that connects to your mind combines to bring forth a specific energy source that the spirit gives you because you are you. No one else will ever receive what you get from the spirit because of your unique mind and body. You are truly forming your body through how much of the spirit you allow into your mind and body. It is continuously flowing through you and the day is coming that you will know it is there as the sparkles will be seen like flashes of colors with forms that may even look like snowflakes for some of you. The knowledge will pour into you as you feel the connection with this Source.

The times you do not see it or feel it or hear it or smell it, you must visualize this light source that connects you like a web.

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