Monday, February 20, 2017

The Key of Fear

As the knowledge pours into your thoughts from Something Greater, you will have to learn how to be the action to do what has already been spoken in a world that will seem so far away yet sits inside of you. This world will surround you in the sounds, the smells, the colors and in the air you breathe. As you welcome the spirit of love into your life, every moment will embrace you. Boundaries will need to be in place so you do not confuse your journey to enlightenment with someone else’s journey, even if they do not think there is such a thing. You will find that as you awaken to the thoughts that there is Something Greater at work in your life, you will gain the knowledge that everyone around you is put before you to learn from. You will have a difficult time understanding why somethings occur in your life but you will have faith that there is a greater good to such experiences.

There will come a day when you will take all the pain from difficult experiences and blend it into the strength that is necessary to complete your mission while in this body. As you awaken, you will begin to understand that this awareness has been occurring since the beginning of your fear that separated you from the Source of All Creation. Many lifetimes brought you here for this day. The information will begin to become overwhelming at times as you try to understand how people, places and things are placed into your path. As you take every moment you are aware that this world is there, you will look for the meaning behind the wind that blows upon your face.

As your body tries to blend in with the knowledge that it is a product of your thoughts and emotions you will begin to experience a physical shift. You will feel this world consuming the very breath you hold. You will see this world when you look into your eyes as you feel the sensations flow through your veins. How do you wrap your thoughts around the idea that you are here until you do what you came to do? Even those who appear to die prematurely will have a meaning for you as these thoughts project back to what you can hold for your own. Questions of your existence will arise as you learn that your state of consciousness remains even after the body goes back to the dust. How do you know for sure that you don’t need this body to survive? How do you release the fear of death when you know you were born into this body to one day leave it or do you? Question after question will arise as you try to understand why you are in this body.

Knowing you are created by Something Greater and this awareness is a gift, brings you to a crossroads. Do you surrender to this unseen world and listen to the tasks that are told to you to do because of thoughts and feelings that you have never known before? Do you think you have went insane as you hear the voice inside telling you that if you seek you will find a world that cannot be put into words, yet will resonate in the very core of your being?

The key to what you seek lies inside of you yet will be found through the world around you. Each day will bring a different door to unlock with the key that holds your ever evolving consciousness of this unseen world. Some days the key will not fit into any doors as you stand in the darkness searching for where to try to put the key next. Then when you least expect it, a burst of knowledge will come that will tell you that you are not alone and that you have a purpose in all this chaos.

The day will come when the key will fit into a door that will open to knowledge you have never known before. You will stand in awe of the world you find as Something Greater will tell you that it was always there and you are the vessel for the upcoming changes that this unseen world brings. The passion will burst inside to give you strength like never before. You will become the blending of the mind, the body and the spirit like never before. Does the belief bring you ta place of question of where you sit within the universal cosmos out into space forever more? Do you try to maintain it within the body you hold? To choose either changes you. As you realize whichever you choose changes you forever more, you grasp onto the knowledge that there is Something Greater that knows your every thought. You feel it bursting into your mind as it flows into your body. The very essence of what you are changes with each piece of awareness you can grasp. As you feel the knowledge bubble to the surface, you will know that you are changed within the very core of your being. The fears will crawl into the corner and wait to pounce on your doubts of this world. As you carry the key to unlock the knowledge within the confinements of your current awareness, you will find that each day brings you a new door to unlock. The doors that hold your fears will become the beginning of the end. As you unlock your fears, you will find that they lead you to the pathway of love. You had to see that the fear was needed to find the love was always there.

It is like unlocking the unknown door to darkness with the search for the light to see where you are. You know the light is in the darkness of the room but you have to search to find it because you have never been in this room before. The uncertainty will make you feel the anxiety as you gain the strength to enter the darkness. As you hold the key with satisfaction that it fits the lock to this door of fear, the anxiety will creep inside as you then question if you want to take this next step into awareness. Do you want to see what lies inside your fears so you can find the next level to enlightenment?

You will even question if your journey needs to go down this path. Why do you need to see your fears anyway? That will be the day you find that your fears are the key to unlock the next door that leads you into the next level of enlightenment. Without the fear, there will be no reason to search. The fear gives you the strength to move forward on this journey so you don’t think that where you are today is all you should ever be.

Enlightenment is reaching the state of being ONE with the Source of All Creation. No more suffering, no desire for more and no more fear of being alone. The knowledge of being part of Something Greater will lead you into a state of total awe. How do you maintain this feeling as you continue to take the key and open the next door into your fears that go back to the beginning? How do you find the door to the love that was always there before the fear?

Each day upon awakening, you must take the key and ask the God of your understanding to guide you to the door for that day only. Hold no expectations as you walk with authority knowing that your God only brings you knowledge to become the best that you can be for each day you seek. As you hold the key high and ask for assistance, you will receive what you ask. The door to unlock with the key you hold on your quest for enlightenment will then appear without the need for questions. You will know when to unlock the next door. That will be the day the fear will become the door way to the greater good on your journey. You will then understand that each door you open on each day makes the key feel lighter. Your strength will then open more doors until the day you open the door to your heaven on earth with this key of fear that holds your thoughts to Something Greater.

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