Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Uncertainty

The Flow of Change to be published in 2015 

You are made in the image of your creator. Look into the mirror and your eyes will tell you who you are. All you hold inside of you brings forth a piece of the power that Something Greater is. You project a part of Something Greater in human form. You hold a certain presence of this power that others can feel and some can see. The power that you produce holds a level of Something Greater that those around you will either want to be a part of or will want to detach from at any given time.  The power you put out to others will be received through what is called frequencies. Your specific frequency is based upon how much conscious energy you hold of Something Greater. You are on your own frequency within the universe. You have your own mixture of thoughts and emotions that make up your specific frequency. Others can be on your level within this specific frequency. The feeling that you have known someone before or they feel “familiar” is a product of your current level of energy that is connecting with theirs. This may be a conscious connection or an unconscious connection. You carry this mixture within your soul. As this mixture becomes conscious within the soul, so shall you within each life you live to bring forth more of what you consciously project into this dimension.
Even though the body turns back into the dust, your consciousness will continue to evolve within the soul. Those who do not believe that there is Something Greater are at a crossroads. Those who know there is Something Greater and do not search for more are at a crossroads. Those who follow the path with Something Greater will see the new world that your prophets talked about so long ago. Any path you choose will lead to one of two destinations; love or fear.
Ultimately all the knowledge will be given for your choice. Even when you do not choose, you have made a choice. Do you reach for Something Greater to see what you can be? How does it come to change you inside? The more you gather your thoughts together and hold them in the love, the more you feel a pull from above. It will make you want to share with everyone you see. Even on the days of doubt, speak the words of love.
The more you hold the feeling of gratitude, the more your awareness of this unseen world will grow. Something Greater comes to you to chain the fear that prevents you from holding a connection with this Source through love. As you separate the fear and the love, the end becomes the beginning. That will be the day you see behind the veil. The conscious mixture that you hold inside will pour into the blood. The darkness and the light within will fight inside your soul. It will blend you into the love or into the fear you hold. If you are sick and want to hide from all that you can be, you are at a crossroads of uncertainty.
Do you believe in a world inside that can heal your thoughts? Do you believe that something’s there to show you another world? The mixture blends before your eyes so that you can see how this unseen world forms into who you are. The veil will lift to show you how the darkness and the light that lies inside your blood will blend into how much of Something Greater you consciously hold within your thoughts.
The more you hold the thoughts inside that there is Something Greater, the more you will blend this unseen world that some of you call the spirit world into the view you see. That will be the day you find that all your affairs are a way to feel this world that lies inside of you. This world will touch your heart through the raindrops that fall. It will be in the wind that blows upon your face. All you think about will be how to find more of this new found feeling that brings you love. The feeling will be like none you have ever known before.
The spirit will come to you in the form of grace. It will touch you heart and make you feel as though you have skipped a beat. Then your body will feel a tingling throughout that you cannot explain. The spirit world will crawl inside the body that you hold. It will be a glorious time as you let this world of love travel through your blood. At first you will feel the weakness inside, then the love will blend into the mind. As the mind and body mix this source that comes from above, all the darkness that you hold will seep into the ground below. You will look inside this feeling and find a voice that speaks. It will tell you that you are chosen for this glorious time. You will then began to heal with the thoughts of love. It will shine the light into the darkness that you hold.
You will find the more you feel the gratitude because of this new found feeling of love, the more the spirit world will reveal to you. The wind will blow inside the trees. You will know this world is there within the sounds. Then you will feel a pull inside your stomach as you begin to heal. The flow of change will come to you because of the feeling of love. All the uncertainty that you hold will feel this shift inside. Then you will speak the words of love to see how it changes all your affairs.
The spirit world is watching to see what you will do. The world above will speak to you as you feel the love. The world below will call to you to remind you of who you were before you knew the difference. As you seek for Something Greater, the knowledge will come to you. The battle will occur inside the thoughts where all the spirits watch. It is a time to seek for who you want to be.
The love will pull your thoughts inside to make you search for more. The fear will call within the darkness that will crawl around your feet. Hear the sound that calls to you to blend this world inside. The uncertainty will mix within your mind. Which world do you decide to find? The uncertainty will be the sign for change. The new world will appear within the love. The fear will sit inside the thoughts of who you were before you knew this unseen world was there. The day will come when you will find the uncertainty is the beginning of the end. The flow of change will become the mixture of your love or fear. Your uncertainty will make you question if there is Something Greater inside the love. That will be the day you feel the tingling inside as Something Greater begins to heal your mind. How do you take the uncertainty to heal your mind and body? It will start on the day your desperation brings you to your knees. That will be the day the uncertainty turns into the courage within your flow of change

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