Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Peace Within

All the thoughts you hold will trail back to either love or fear. All the anger, jealousy, hatred, anxiety and even sadness will come from a feeling of fear. All the fear together is a result of not allowing the love to enter into your thoughts. The fear will feel as though you have no control in your life. Some of you wake with the fear of living another day. Some of you cannot control the thoughts of fear that enter your mind at any given time.

Anxiety consumes some of you and the need to find relief may come in a substance or in alcohol. It may even come in food or in others. The day will come when there will not be any relief. The thoughts of fear will be there calling in the background to prevent you from hearing the thoughts of love. The anxiety, the anger and the hatred will begin to scream inside your mind as you look for the thoughts of love. No matter what you do, some of you cannot find one thought that tells you there is love.

You may look as though you have it all together from the outside looking in. Others may even say they admire your life. The day will come when you will take all these thoughts of fear and you will cry inside for something to relieve your anguish of life. The pain may become so great that some of you may even want to end this thing called life. You will be at a crossroads which will become a feeling that you cannot live this way any longer. All you will think about in your life will bring you nothing but misery. You will even want to hide from yourself. All your thoughts of fear will make you want to do anything to not be alone.

The day will come when you will be faced with the person who sits inside of you. The desperation will appear within the thoughts of fear. It will reach into your soul and touch the part of you that has always been with you. It may even feel like a pull within your entire body as the desperation tells you that you are right here and nowhere else will do. You will know that this is how it is supposed to be so you can feel this moment. That will be the day you realize you are in this body for a reason. All your past brought you here and all you are is here.

As you really look at who you are for the first time, the air will change as you breathe it in. You will feel a presence that will make the air feel thick as the wind begins to speak to you. You will remember that you have always been a part of this feeling as you bring it out into your thoughts. Then a sound will come to you because of who you are. Some of you may hear a voice or may even see the colors change around you. The smells will tell you that you have connected with the making of the moment. Then as you feel the pull inside, you will look towards the sky. The love will shine inside this moment right before your eyes.

The desperation will open up to a feeling that will make you think your heart could burst from your chest. Then is when you will find the part that has always been with you. The humility will rush through your veins as the desperation touches your heart. The desperation will lead to the grace that comes from Something Greater. The grace will touch your heart that will remind you of the purpose you have in this life. As you go onto your knees because there is nowhere else to be, you will surrender to a world that will bring you peace. That will be the day you find all the thoughts of love. Everything will change for you within the blink of an eye. All your thoughts of fear will crawl into the corner of your mind to wait for another time when you doubt this feeling of love. The love will shine into your thoughts and you will begin to breathe.

You have found a world inside that will bring you peace. The stillness in the air will tell you that you are a part of Something Greater. You will begin to feel it pull from within your heart. The peace will flow from inside your soul and will spread into your body. The feeling of love will come to you and blend within your thoughts. Once your thoughts and feelings together find this peace within, the spirit will come through the grace that Something Greater brings to only you. The grace will come through the feeling of gratitude and nothing else will do. The more you feel the gratitude, the more you will search for love. You will be given the knowledge that tells you Something Greater is inside the thoughts of love.

The peace will come inside the moment right where you stand today. The peace will flow into the view that shows you there is Something Greater that walks with you throughout the day. For some of you, it will first show up in the bird that sings within the tree. Then the sound of the song will carry into your soul. Each time you listen to this sound, you will feel the peace. That will be the day you find all your fear brought you here so you could find the peace within.


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