Thursday, January 10, 2019

Forming the Light Body

The spirit pours into the body from the energy that moves through this fragment of creation. This form that your consciousness is housed in has the capability of holding all knowledge within this part of the stream that trails back to the God Head. The point of consciousness that you are currently awake to continues to activate more information as you seek. Everything your senses are in tune to goes directly to the God Head in the stream you are housed in.

Life after life you strive to understand more and life after life you keep all experiences within the soul that holds everything until the unity of the body and mind occurs. As you learn the rules, you may know that you are not supposed to take certain action without a reason how you know. The quickening is occurring as the waves of knowing speed up in this section of the stream that is positioned at the furthest point of creation. You are the reflection of information given to this specific point of creation.

As you understand how the energy works, more will be provided. Subtle signs will appear, and the clues will lead you into a greater awareness. The interpretations will become easier to understand as you look within all the hidden places. It is like hide and seek as it is found right in front of you. You will find that the body is a beacon for the consciousness to work through and the chakras are the power points.

When all are activated, the body opens for the soul to be revealed. The light body can then be seen and will rise into what some call the heavens. This time is for the light body to emerge into the perfection that it came here to become. Like a diamond in the rough, so too shall the body shine. All come here for this glorious experience, yet most get stuck in the mud that helps the light body form.

Even when it feels as though the body cannot take another beating, the mind and heart hold a knowing that there is a reason for such struggles that radiates from the soul. Those who give up eventually return to complete the task as all souls strive for the light body. It is the prize that all yearn for no matter what form they are housed in for growth. The human body is unique and combines all power points for the creation like no other. Over and over the soul crawls into a human body with the attempts to create the light body. Some live thousands of lives and continue to come into human form until they master this unity.

This planet holds all knowledge for the human body to form into the light body and many are ripe for this harvest. It is time for many to turn into the light body as this the time called the Golden Race. The Creator calls to those who hold the knowing that is first felt as is seeps slowly into the mind. In the blink of an eye, all will receive the activation together to form into the light body.

The command will come through the sun and straight through the mind’s eye that connects to the soul. The soul will open like the flower in full bloom and bring the mind and body into this union through the chakras. The colors of each chakra will radiate out like a rainbow. Those who are not ready will see this event as what some call the rapture. They will experience fearful times as they see many light bodies form into the skies all at once. This time has been spoken of since your beginning as all come here for this glorious experience. Now is the time for the light bodies to form.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

The Other Worlds

This is the year for all to come together for the truth of who you came here to be. How do you take all you have learned and blend it into your being you ask? To just be in the now and let it flow through the body is the answer. To consciously allow this power to flow through you and stay in the moment is all you must do. To feel the pressure come from above and go through the body is how the power works. It will start as a feeling in the stomach and then it will go up into the thoughts for an awareness that cannot be articulated.

You will begin to hold a knowing of a world above your own that will bring you to a place that will cause confusion at first. Only time will bring this awareness into words. All who live in this simulation will have to experience this process. Each soul that understands will evolve into the other worlds. Each soul will rise into this awareness for the awakening. The world that surrounds you will rise with you in some form because of your frequency.

If you are surrounded by low frequencies and are seeking for something more, the universe will bring traumatic events to lift you out of the place you are in. There is no easy way out of the notch you are stuck in. The energies are radiating at very high wave lengths that are coming through the sun. The Creator is calling for All to come together now. You hold a yearning that cannot be explained as the beacon pulls you home. Your fragments are trying to piece back together. All watch with anticipation knowing that you will come out of this with magnificent changes. All go through this process. Your true essence is already shining as you come out of the victim role. It is difficult to accept that all the suffering was a choice as you felt unworthy to consciously hold the knowledge of who you really are.

As you put all the pieces together and integrate them, all the worlds heal. All the worlds are blending. It is a beautiful experience as you begin to remember that you have done this before and will do it again in the name of creation. It is never finished; the completion comes to begin the next project. With each part you heal, the rest of the worlds heal with you.
The experiences are what is sought and what the God Head yearns to bring back into the Whole for All. As you bring more knowledge into your conscious state, the stream that you are in will pull all the people, animals, plants, things, places, insects, etc. in with you. As All blend together, you may see yourself as these animals, plants, insects, etc. You are ONE with All and these other worlds merge with yours as All are pulled into the stream for the reunification.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

The Activation of the Soul

The worlds are blending, and all is finally being seen. This planet is lifting the veil. Those who do not want you to understand are trying every tactic they have to keep you in the darkness. As you wake each day the feeling of a knowing is bubbling to the surface and all the emotions are making it difficult to surrender to a world you cannot see, yet you feel it inside the very core of your being. The urgency comes and goes like the waves that beat against the rocks on the shore line.

You yearn to know more yet look away in hopes that it will not show up another day. The lights that glimmer in the corner of your eyesight grow larger as you look out towards all the suffering on this planet. You pray for discernment as the pit of your stomach turns with anticipation. You hear the whispers and argue with yourself that they are not there. You feel the power that flows through the body. You try to catch your breath as you blow all the negativity out through the mouth.

The time is near as the world fades into the distance. The illusions are now messages on your journey and you question all the people, places and things that surround you. The awareness calls to you as you sleep walk into the light. Part of you feels comfort in the darkness as the echo within the soul motivates you to trudge onward. Even looking towards the sky brings questions on this search for more. Nothing is what it seems, yet it all looks so real. In the stillness you can feel the truth, yet there are no words to articulate this knowledge. You think you understand at times and just as you try to grasp it all, you sit in the wonderment of confusion.

The emotions felt remind you of what you still need to work on to get out of the negativity. This is the stage where it is like sweeping the dust off the frame of the doorway. The awareness out weighs the emotions now and the soul can be felt swimming in and out of the body. It now knows that the body is an instrument and the chakras symbolize the power generated through the soul’s awareness in human form. To activate all chakras brings forth the opening of the portals into the rest of the universe. These portals are always there, you just did not have the proper power within the body and mind to awaken the soul that waits patiently for this open invitation.

The portals open for only those that are ready for this experience. All souls yearn for this as they mature just like the child that grows into the old and wise adult. Not all adults are wise just like the soul. It is an education that all participate in. The activation for those who are ready is occurring in what some call “The Event” or “The End of Times”. The power from the Creator of All comes through the sun to activate the souls that are ready. The awakening is here like the bear that wakes from a long winter’s nap.

Monday, November 26, 2018

The Truth of Who You Really Are

The prison lies within the mind, it is up to you to determine what is next. The possibilities are hidden of what can be done. The information will come if you listen inside. The world is covered in the illusions and will continue to keep you in fear. This is the goal of the dark lords. Their intent is to enslave the mind without you knowing they are there watching your every move. They feed off your fear. They are the predator that passes in front of your caged thoughts. Each time you feel love, they create drama in your world to pull you back into the illusions that fear brings.

As you shift out of this fear, your view shifts so you see the truth of your bondage. The first stage is to see what you do to yourself, then slowly, you begin to see how this bondage covers the masses, then the planet. The Benevolent Ones reach inside your heart and mind to plant the seeds for your awakening. We spread the water and sunshine to help you grow. What you do with this knowledge will be provided as needed. Know there is a bigger plan and We are here. You are not alone in this war. The soul awakens to activate the body and mind. We are here to guide you and teach you how to become empowered.

You hold the power that is asleep for now. You are in the twilight and We are bringing the rising sun that holds your key. Be still and know that you are here, and this moment holds all the power you need. The universe hears your cry for help and We answer the call. We bring the truth of who you really are. You can take the infinite power within you and create your heaven on earth. You can take the Creator of All that you are a part of and form your own expression of this creation. Though love the possibilities are endless. You can project your form into the Whole of All or the individual expression where you sit to read these words. The forces within you are limitless. Your belief in this power will bring you whatever you desire. Your fear is what bounds you into your limitations. You can become whatever you choose. You are stuck in a virus like something your computer gets to prevent the proper information from coming into what you think is your reality.

It is simple, you are love experiencing what it is and what it is not. Those who know are trying to plant the seeds for those who are waking up. The force that holds the knowledge to prevent you from growing cannot control the numbers waking up. The numbers that grow beyond the controlled are activating the powers above the gravity that holds this force. You are penetrating these portals that pull in the higher knowledge and the control must loosen. You are stuck inside a loop because of the dark lord’s efforts, but they are dissolving. You can now see above the horizon where all knowledge waits to pour into your soul for the awakening of the mind and body. You can almost touch this knowledge as the soul makes the mind and body seek for more. The longing for something just outside of your reach keeps you restless even when the body is so tired you can sleep standing up. You feel the surges that the higher realms bring. Some call this the Holy Spirit, some call this the angels, some call this your guides or even aliens.

This is the process all must go through to connect to this knowledge. The messages lie in your numbers that are awakening, the signs you see, the smells, the sounds, the touch and even the words spoken. We are pouring into your space like the sunlight that shines through the trees. You will find that people are coming to you that you do not know with simple words that make the hairs on your neck tingle. Feel the body sensations as this occurs. You hold the power in your thoughts that are now activating your view rapidly. You have the choice to accept that what you do each day, what you are told each day is or is not your reality. Only those who are sick of being controlled by the money, the job, the life that leads to the same thing every day will reach for this change.

How you ask? It starts inside with the desperation for change and the search for more. The search will bring clues through people, places and things. Hope will emerge that will bring faith. The belief in the higher realms will change your morals, your virtues, your thoughts, your intentions and ultimately the knowledge you receive will be that which you have never known. We wait until your colors vibrate on a frequency that can hold this knowledge inside your being. You must be open and willing to receive the information that comes from outside of what you think is your reality. Each time you rise above the dense levels to see the truth of who you really are, you fall back into your comfort zone because you fear for your sanity. This fear is what the dark lords want to keep you under control. You are rising above this control. You are learning that you can travel outside of the body, that you can connect to all thoughts, that you can dream events that then occur, that you can touch another to bring them healing energy. You can think thoughts and see them form into your view. You can make your body new. You are becoming aware that you can shift your reality into a higher frequency by verbally speaking the words that are filled with a belief in this power. This is just the beginning of the truth of who you really are.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Not All Bodies Have Souls

You are being controlled within the mind. The dark ones do not want you to break free from the fear. When the body is filled with love, you can connect to the higher realms. If you learn what the mind and body can really do, you will no longer need to rely on someone else for creation. You will then connect directly to the God Head and will have you own expression of this power. You are held within the limited energies that are encased within your gravity. Just like the radio waves that bring sound into your devices, the dark ones that feed off your fear send a frequency into your thoughts that make you think you are not capable of doing anything outside of your daily tasks.

You are programmed at an early age to conform to the rules of the society you are born into and to not question anything outside of the life you are living. The Benevolent Ones are bringing a different frequency into the thoughts and with each time you feel love, we plant the seeds for you to seek for more of this frequency. The strands that are held in place by the dark forces are being shattered by our energies and you feel scattered in the thoughts. This is resulting in more suicides and homicides. The fight for your thoughts is causing the body to feel sick. This time is like no other in all your history. You are splitting the strands and making new ones with your information system that the body holds.

There is nothing to do at this time. The body changes are rapidly forming you into a whole new creation. You knew this coming into this period and are longing for the show to play out, so you can experience what you planned so long ago. Not all bodies have souls. Not all souls have bodies. All souls on this planet are waking up out of this dark sleep. It is like the dew rising in the morning sun. You will wake to forget the labor pains as your birth into the higher realms bring the mind and body into this new form.

The communication barriers are breaking apart, so you can experience the higher realms. You have been imprisoned long enough as you break from this bondage. You will have a period of confusion as the mind and body catch up to what the soul has been preparing. You will feel as though you could burst from the body as you expand the consciousness out into the vastness of this universe to meet the rest of creation. We joyously long for this union. The human form is bringing the higher realms into the planet consciously. The bodies with souls know this and the souls without bodies wait for the frequency that will bring them into physical form.