Friday, May 1, 2015


**I almost have all of the information put into the computer for The Flow of Change. I just wanted to share this entry. I have diagrams that go with this chapter that I cannot figure out how to put into the blog. I hope you can get something out of this without the diagram.... The knowledge that Something Greater is in your mist even when you do not feel a connection will begin to show up in your day through others and through symbols that are meaningful to you. Some of you will see the cross or the Star of David that will verify your belief that Something Greater walks with you in the day. You will begin to see others that hold the darkness you had when you didn’t know there was Something Greater. You will find that as you share your new found knowledge others will want it for their selves. The more you share, the more you will feel burn inside of you. Acceptance that you are here right where you stand and nowhere else will do comes like waves from the ocean. As you grab a wave of this knowledge, you will blend it into the air around you. This stage of awareness will fill you with peace as you feel the presence of pure love surround you as it swirls around in your thoughts. It will take great effort to remain consciously aware that the spirit lies inside your body and blends into your thoughts. You can choose to feel this source at any given time. It can touch a thought or a feeling that brings you to your knees. It can enter just to make you question if you have went insane as you become aware of the air around you that seeps inside your thoughts and pulls you up into a conscious state that you are aware of within the entire room. This stage of development requires you to ensure what your intensions are as the unseen world surrounds you for attention. This stage is very important as you must become conscious of what this presence means to you at the time of awareness. Do you feel love or is there an under lying feeling of dread? If you look into your thoughts, the things mixed in will tell you if any fearful thoughts are present. You will have to look into your intensions at any given time to know which spirit walks with you. Each new day will require the practice of identifying your intensions for that day. If you wake with a heaviness and you cannot identify why, the under-lying fear of who you are will be underneath as you block the presence of pure love.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Love Yourself

 ***This entry is for me and I put it on my blog for those who may also need it ...

The guilt of what you have done to others is a product of times when you were unable or unwilling to perform with love for yourself. Without the feeling of love, you may even subconsciously sabotage your own happiness. Even when others give you compliments, you will be unable to feel worthy of them without the feeling of love. When you can find the love for who you are at this moment, the guilt will blend into this feeling and you will know that you did the best that you could do in situations that have negative impacts on others. With each new level of awareness, you will begin to take more responsibility for events that cause others difficulties.

Knowing that you are reaching for Something Greater to be the best that you can be for this unseen world will help you forgive yourself in times that you made decisions which resulted in hurting others. The realization that you are learning from each experience you have for enlightenment will help you take this new found knowledge to your next level for even more love.

All the things you did that brought you to this understanding will help you accept that you are growing like the flower looking for the sun. The past events that cause you guilt will then become the storms that nourished the flower for growth. You will become stronger because of the guilt as you take this knowledge and blend it into who you are today. The love will blend into the guilt so you can turn all the confusion, all the pain, all the anger and, for some of you, even the hate into a new found love for yourself.

As you look for the path towards enlightenment, salvation or peace of mind, you will look ahead to find the obstacles in your path are becoming fewer. All the guilt, all the anguish and all the emotions that cause your fear will only be there so you can compare them with who you were when you did not know that there is Something Greater in your life.

Your level of awareness is ever evolving as you work to bring the spirit world out into this dimension through your mind and body. As you allow this spiritual presence into your life, the love will shine because of this world as you learn how it blends into your thoughts that trail all the way into your heart.

That will be the day you find you were always loved by this world and you were just trying to find the way to love yourself.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Mixture

**This is another entry I felt the need to share from The Flow of Change. This information cannot be shared without the author's permission.

Those that are awakening will feel different but everything will be the same in the outside world. You will question your sanity as you wake up one day and feel like you are connected to the very core of your being and other days you will feel despair at the idea that your thoughts are meaningless in the overall picture of such a vast universe. You will question if you even have a purpose. This stage of development will be a time to go within your thoughts as you find others do not understand when you try to share your experiences. This will be a period of temperance when all your essence is mixing into the next level of awareness.
The mixture of your new awareness will be two-fold. You will be different inside and will bring forth this new mixture out into your world. The uncertainty will not blend well with those around you that know who you were before the discovery of Something Greater. Much resistance will be in the air with those you love in particular. How do you now believe that the spirit lies in all around you when you were once in such anguish? The process of enlightenment comes not through one event that changes you forever more. Even those who felt as though a bolt of lightning hit their very soul struggle with the everyday tasks that are expected of them. The task of bringing this unseen world out into your every thought takes great effort for everyone who is in human form.